Poor harvest and the follow on effects

We have had a lot of rain this season and it will affect all the industries associated with it. Of course the farmers are the most affected but the truck drivers, the workers on farms and in all the facilities, shopkeepers and the consumers will suffer somewhat too. Someone said the other day that in drought the people come together but in flood it is every man for himself. Everywhere around the world (that sounds awfully like a song!) people are affected by the fluctuating weather patterns, financial crises and war but the beauty of humanity is its ability for the most part, to rise above adversity and give it another go next year. Happy harvest time.(Something of interest re the cyclical nature of agriculture-

A History of Market Performance: From Ancient Babylonia to the Modern World

By R.J. Van der Spek, Jan Luiten van Zanden, Bas van Leeuwen


'Looks like we're playing 'good crop, bad crop'.'

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