Oaklands is 110km from Albury-Wodonga, 55km from Corowa and 40km from Berrigan. In 2009, a $16.5 million project converted the 77-kilometre Oaklands to Benalla line from broad to standard gauge to carry the huge amount of grain produced in and around the area. http://www.bordermail.com.au/story/13750/50-towns-in-50-days-oaklands/ https://www.fullyloaded.com.au/events-news/1003/small-town-success-for-oaklands-truck-show

Learn about Oaklands – an old story but a ...

So how did it all start for the 18-wheeler? The idea of the trailer truck started way back in 1896. Alexander Winton, an automotive manufacturer (who would be known today as a car maker) discovered the 18-wheeler while navigating his business empire. He was the CEO and founder of The […]

The History of the 18-Wheeler

Transport Women Australia are very proud to announce that some of our members have been nominated for big awards. https://www.transportwomen.com.au/uncategorized/award-nominee-congratulations/

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