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“Drivers. . . Can’t figure out why your wife is giving you a hard time at home? Why can’t she see things your way, is it you or is it her? Maybe it’s a little of you both, but maybe you can get advice on how to make things better.” […]


On Line News for Australian Truck Drivers   No time to read the paper?  Interested in all things transport?  Happy to use the phone or the ipad to keep in touch?  Well, have a look at this website which has news items and information for the transport industry which you […]

On Line News for Australian Truck Drivers

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners   Oaklands has been associated with a wonderful gesture by fellow farmers and truck drivers in the region to deliver some hay relief to the farmers in Queensland who are currently suffering a dreadful drought.  To read more of this generous gift and the people who have made […]

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners