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The Nixon family who run Clear Hills in Oaklands have uploaded a video to Youtube which will give you an idea of what it is like here in Oaklands during harvest – we have three grain warehouses in the town and during harvest they are absolutely brimful of activity.  The […]


NOT much happens around the Oaklands district without Max Brooks knowing about it. But the bowling club identity was completely stymied by fellow bowlers, family and friends leading up to an invitation bowls tournament last Sunday. The real reason for getting a large gathering from the bowling fraternity together was […]

Club holds shot as stalwart honoured

Truck driving jobs are often associated with reasonable, steady pay and long, hard working hours. Truck drivers are responsible for transporting important, and often, expensive cargo. Without truck drivers, trade wouldn’t exist as it does today in Australia. Being a truck driver is a good career choice for many men […]

7 Steps To Become A Truck Driver In Australia